Projects I've work on
  1. AEM SME, for migration from Sharepoint to AEM 6.2. Advisor to Marketing Directory, Authoring, Documentation.
  2. AEM Developer/Administrator
  3. GoMuzik- CTO/IT Procurement and Consultation. App Design
  4. AEM Developer/Administrator
  5. AEM Developer/Administrator CQ5.6/AEM Authoring, Designed Page Templates, Components, UI, etc...
  6. Urgent Short Term Migration Project CQ5, AWS, Vagrant, CentOS 7, RHEL 7, Built Dev and QA environments.
  7. Web Design and IT Procurement and Consultation.
  8. Web Design and IT Procurement and Consultation
  9. AEM Developer/Administrator
  10. Desktop Support: Mac, PC, Linux, 60+ Users Mobile Support: iOS, Blackberry, Android, IT Procurement and Consultation, etc...
  11. Technical Writing
  12. Y2K Desktop Compliance
  13. AEM NYC Meetup organization